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Student Charter

Student Charter – The Deakin University Student Experience
Life as a student at Deakin University should be memorable and rich in a range of experiences: academic and vocational development, personal growth and making new local and international connections – an experience that lasts a lifetime.
This Charter underpins the Deakin University Student Experience by defining the partnership that exists between students, the staff who teach them and the broader University community. It sets out what students can expect from Deakin University and what responsibilities students have as members of the University’s community of learning.
2.Student expectations
Students should expect the following from their experience at Deakin University:
To be treated as an individual
  • Being respected, stimulated, challenged and valued as an individual
  • Being inspired to develop academic and vocational talents and interests
  • Instruction and guidance from competent, motivating and accessible teachers who provide timely and thoughtful feedback on performance
To have their rights respected
  • Protection of private and confidential information
  • Consistent and clear intellectual property rules
  • Effective avenues to appeal against decisions of the University without fear of victimisation or of incurring costs
To be well prepared for employment and continuous learning
  • Participation in relevant, up-to-date courses that are well designed and well taught
  • Study with a flexibly designed curriculum, responsive to everyone irrespective of cultural background or disability
  • Close engagement with Faculty and discipline-based colleagues, together with interdisciplinary opportunities
  • Access to experts at the forefront of knowledge creation
To be stimulated by a vibrant learning environment and supported by responsive academic, professional and campus services
  • Ready access to information about teaching programs and to support services which address academic and personal issues
  • Use of excellent library services, scholarly information resources and flexible learning spaces.
  • An amenable campus environment, accessible by various transport modes
  • Use of high quality physical facilities, including safe and comfortable teaching and laboratory spaces, reliable information technology and places for social interaction with fellow students
  • To have opportunities for actively mentored engagement within the University research community
To be engaged as a member of the University community, on campus and beyond
  • Opportunities for involvement in a range of sporting and recreation services and clubs and societies catering to a diversity of cultures and interests
  • Chances to participate in the University’s community engagements through voluntary work, employer and practicum placements and community partnerships
  • Actively mentored engagement within the University research community
  • Solid support to find work during and after study and opportunities to continue to be involved in Deakin events after graduation.
The Deakin University Student Experience should be enriching and rewarding, on campus as a member of the student body and beyond the University as a member of the broader community.
3.Student responsibilities
Deakin University expects students to take on the following responsibilities as members of the University community:
To positively shape their educational experience
  • Be well informed about course requirements applying in their Faculty and seek Faculty assistance if in doubt
  • Use initiative in learning and aspire to intellectual independence
  • Accept and act on advice and feedback on academic performance
To prepare diligently for qualifications, employment and continuous learning
  • Take responsibility to self-manage their enrolment and course planning, using advice from their Faculty
  • Participate constructively in learning in classes and online
  • Take joint responsibility for their education and be self-directed learners
  • Engage closely with Faculty and discipline-based colleagues and participate in professional bodies where appropriate
  • Explore opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and for translating academic learning into practice
To engage actively with the University environment
  • To be diligent learners and to submit assessments punctually
  • Be informed about support services to meet academic and personal needs and seek information if unsure
  • Use University resources responsibly and observe University statutes, regulations and policies
  • Care for the campus and its surrounds, including the amenity of neighbours
  • Support the University’s continuous improvement endeavours by providing considered and honest feedback on academic and support services
To show and earn respect in relating with others in the University and wider community
  • Treat staff and other students with respect and courtesy
  • Respect the opinions and beliefs of others and engage in rational discussion in areas of disagreement
  • Consider involvement in University activities which extend or enrich the study experience, both on campus and beyond
  • Display professional conduct while undertaking work and practicum placements, fieldwork or educational exchanges.
The Deakin University Student Experience should mean that students are proud to be members of the Deakin community of learning and that graduates are proud to be Deakin alumni. The Experience should stand individuals in good stead for the rest of their lives.
Endorsed by Planning and Resources Committee on 18th July 2008.

Printed copies of this document may not be current. Please refer to The Guide for the most recent version.
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