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Responsible Officer: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Implementation Officer: University Librarian

First approved by:
Vice-Chancellor on 20 September 2006

Amendments approved by:
Vice-Chancellor on 17 September 2008
(revised as part of Policy Review Project);

Vice-Chancellor on 15 June 2009
(Responsible Officer changed from Vice-President
to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic));

PVC (P&I) on 27 October 2014
(RO to DVC (E))

Library Donations Procedure

This procedure was approved by the Vice-Chancellor on 20 September 2006 and incorporates all amendments to 27 October 2014.
This document is pursuant to the Library Policy.

Cultural Gifts Program: a program which provides tax incentives to encourage gifts of culturally significant items from private collections to public art galleries, museums, libraries and archives.

Library Material: as defined in the Library Policy.

Special Collections: specialised research collections, including items that need special care, which are housed in the Library under controlled conditions.

1The University Librarian will accept offers of donations of Library Materials if they meet the following criteria:
  • the donation supports the teaching, learning or research programs of the University, or the Library’s Special Collections, including the Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library
  • the size, medium and condition of the donation will not result in unreasonable costs to the University in relation to processing, preservation or storage requirements
  • the donation does not carry undue ownership or access restrictions.
2Where an offered donation does not meet these criteria, but may be of benefit to the University, the University Librarian may make a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor to accept the donation.
3The University Librarian will encourage donors to provide resources for processing and preserving donated materials.
4The University Librarian will determine the priority and appropriate methods for processing and providing access to donated material.
Cultural Gifts Program
5The University Librarian will consider accepting donations made to the Library under the Cultural Gifts Program. Where the University Librarian is willing to accept the gift, the donor is responsible for:
  • arranging valuations from at least two approved valuers, at the donor’s expense
  • ensuring that valuations are obtained within 90 days before or after the donation to the University.
6The University Librarian will:
  • add Cultural Gifts to the Library collection at the approved valuation amount
  • add all other donations to the Library collection at no value.
7The University Librarian will dispose of donated material if it is judged inappropriate for the collection at any time.

Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library
Cultural Gifts Program
Deakin University Library website
Library Policy


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) is responsible for the development, compliance monitoring and review of this procedure.


The University Librarian is responsible for the promulgation and implementation of this procedure throughout the University.

Printed copies of this document may not be current. Please refer to The Guide for the most recent version.
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