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Responsible Officer: Chief Digital Officer
Implementation Officer: Manager, Portfolio Management and Performance, eSolutions

First approved by:
Vice-President (Administration) on 20 April 2005

Amendments approved by:
Vice-Chancellor on 17 October 2008
(revised as part of Policy Review Project,
formerly titled ITSD Facilities Access Security procedure);

Vice-Chancellor on 9 May 2011
(amended to align with current contractor
management processes);

Vice-Chancellor on 15 November 2011
(amendments to Chief Operating Officer responsibilities);

Policy Manager on 14 March 2014
(admin. changes only
- Deakin eSolutions
- Executive Director, Information Technology
- Chief Digital Officer
- IT Security Manager)

Policy Manager on 20 May 2015
(amendments 9 April, 2015 - IO: ED, IT to Manager PM&P, eSolutions
& position titles to Director, ICT Infra Ser, eSolutions & CDO
in text, in accordance with ICT suite review)

Information Technology Facilities Access Procedure

This procedure was approved by the Vice-Chancellor on 20 April 2005 and incorporates all amendments to 9 April 2015.
This document is pursuant to the Information and Communications Technology Security Policy.

Deakin eSolutions Facilities: all physical spaces (e.g. data centres, machine rooms, network or communication closets) managed by the Deakin eSolutions.

Monitor (Job Captain): a Deakin University staff member assigned to supervise the access of authorised personnel entering physical ICT facilities, and who is appropriately authorised and has completed any induction requirements for that ICT facility.

1The Director, ICT Infrastructure Services, eSolutions will authorise relevant Deakin eSolutions staff members, and other personnel both internal and external to the University, who need to access ICT facilities managed by Deakin eSolutions on a regular basis.
a)The Director, ICT Infrastructure Services, eSolutions or nominees will review the list of authorised personnel at least bi-annually.
2Authorised personnel may escort visitors into Deakin eSolutions facilities, as long as the visitors are accompanied at all times and are not undertaking any work on the facility.
3Personnel who require access to Deakin eSolutions facilities for a specific purpose must submit (or in the case of external personnel and contractors, have submitted on their behalf) a request through the IT Service Desk at least 48 hours prior to the access being required, stating the reason for accessing the facility, the likely duration of their stay and proposed monitoring requirements.
a)The Director, ICT Infrastructure Services, eSolutions or nominees must approve access for other personnel to enter Deakin eSolutions facilities for each specific purpose and duration.
4Other than visitors, all personnel entering Deakin eSolutions facilities must:
  • have undertaken the Data Centre Induction process, if the Deakin eSolutions facility is a data centre protected by an FM200 fire suppression system
  • have a monitoring arrangement in place with a Monitor for reasons of occupational health and safety compliance
  • agree to the terms of the working in Deakin eSolutions facilities guidelines, including accessing only those items or equipment related to the purpose for which access is required
5Prior to accessing an Deakin eSolutions facility, all personnel will contact a Monitor to:
  • agree on the duration of their stay in the facility, and agree to contact the Monitor if their stay is likely to exceed the planned duration
  • agree on a schedule of regular updates (minimum every 20 minutes; maximum every 60 minutes)
  • advise when they have left the facility
6The Monitor will immediately contact personnel if they have not made contact at a scheduled time, or by the planned end of their stay. Monitoring may take place via telephone if a Monitor is unable to supervise in person.
7If at any time personnel who have approval to enter Deakin eSolutions facilities are not able to be contacted, a Monitor must visit them in person or, when located on a different campus, arrange for another Deakin eSolutions staff member to contact them in person.
8Personnel must not use photographic, video, audio or other recording equipment inside Deakin eSolutions facilities, unless approved by the Chief Digital Officer.
9Deakin eSolutions facilities must be locked at all times where locking mechanisms are available. All personnel must check that the facility is locked when exiting the room.

Information and Communications Technology Security Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Manual


The Chief Digital Officer is responsible for the development, compliance monitoring and review of this procedure.


The Manager, Portfolio Management and Performance, eSolutions is responsible for the promulgation and implementation of this procedure throughout the University.

Printed copies of this document may not be current. Please refer to The Guide for the most recent version.
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