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Responsible Officer: Chief Digital Officer
Implementation Officer: Executive Director, Information Technology

First approved by:
Vice-President (Administration) on 20 April 2005

Amendments approved by:
Vice-Chancellor on 17 October 20081
(revised as part of Policy Review Project);

Note: From 12 August 2010,
this policy was made pursuant to Regulation 6.1(4).
It was formerly pursuant to the Administrative and
Support Services enabling policy;

Vice-Chancellor on 30 September 2010
(revision of policy);

Vice-Chancellor on 5 May 2011
(clause 6 amended to refer to monitoring and
audit information in the Information and
Communications Technology Use procedure);

Vice-Chancellor on 15 November 2011
(amendments to Chief Operating Officer responsibilities)

Policy Manager on 14 March 2014
(admin. changes only
- Deakin eSolutions
- Executive Director, Information Technology
- Chief Digital Officer
- IT Security Manager)

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