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To facilitate and promote a smoke and tobacco free environment for the health and wellbeing of all at the University.

Responsible Officer: Vice President (Enterprise)
Implementation Officer: Manager, Health, Wellbeing and Safety

First approved by
Vice-Chancellor on 9 March 2014
(effective from 10 March 2014)

Amendments approved by:

Smoking and Tobacco Policy

This policy was approved by the Vice-Chancellor on 9 March, 2014.

To facilitate and promote a smoke and tobacco free environment for the health and wellbeing of all at the University.


This policy applies to all University staff, students and associates of the University.


Associate: contractors, volunteers, visiting appointees and visitors to the University and lease holders and their staff.

Contractor: a company or an individual (other than a University employee) engaged to provide services to the University. Contractors include consultants.

Lease holder: A company or a person who holds a current lease of University premises.

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS): a combination of side stream smoke (smoke from the burning end of a tobacco product) and exhaled mainstream smoke (the smoke breathed out by a smoker). ETS is classified as a human carcinogen (cancer causing agent).

Smoking: includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic nicotine devices and the use of other implements that emit harmful or toxic smoke for the purpose of inhaling.

Tobacco product: means any substance containing tobacco leaf, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, bidis, clove cigarettes, or any other preparation of tobacco.

University premises: any real property owned or controlled by the University including leased premises.

University property: all land, buildings, vehicles, facilities and other property owned or leased by or under the control of the University; but excluding student residences provided by Deakin.

Statement of principle
1In recognition of the public health evidence of the social costs associated with smoking, the University provides a smoke and tobacco free environment for its staff, students and associates.
2By eliminating environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure, the University affirms its commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff, associates and students in its learning environment.
Policy position
3Smoking is prohibited on all University property.
4All University property must be free from the sale of tobacco, its advertising, promotion and sponsorship.
5In accordance with the External Relationships Policy, the University must not accept direct or indirect funding from or enter into any partnership or other arrangement with the tobacco industry, an organisation in the tobacco industry or from a foundation that accepts funds from the tobacco industry.
6University employees are not permitted to take smoking breaks on or in University property. Any breaks in working time will be in accordance with the University’s Enterprise Agreement.
7The University will provide short-term individual support for staff and students who wish to quit smoking, which may include counselling, educational material and referrals to other organisations.
8All student residence areas on University campuses are exempt from this policy as these areas will have their own procedures to align with University living arrangements.
9This policy shall be communicated to all faculties, institutes and other areas with information made available to commencing students. Signage shall be posted at points of entry to University campuses outlining the smoke-free environment. No ashtrays will be provided at any location on campus.

External Relationships Policy
University’s Enterprise Agreement
Workplace Relations Policy

Printed copies of this document may not be current. Please refer to The Guide for the most recent version.
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