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This procedure provides information to members of the University community on nominating persons for Honorary Degrees of the University. 7

Responsible Officer: Vice-Chancellor
Implementation Officer: Council Secretary

First approved by:
Vice-Chancellor on 23 August 2013

Amended on 12 August 2015
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Honorary Degrees Procedure

This procedure was approved by Vice-Chancellor on 23 August 2013.
Pursuant to the Regulation 5.2(6) Honorary Degrees and includes the following legislation and schedule:
Statute 5.2 Academic Awards
Schedule A - Honorary Degree: Nomination Form

To document the information to members of the University community on nominating persons for Honorary Degrees of the University.


This applies to Statute 5.2 – Academic Awards and Regulation 5.2(6) – Honorary Degrees the University may honour persons of outstanding merit by the award of an Honorary Degree.


Honorary Degrees: academic awards of the University conferred in accordance with Regulation 5.2(6) Honorary Degrees.

1Proposals for the awarding of Honorary Degrees are considered by the Vice-Chancellor in the first instance.
2Proposals may be made to the Vice-Chancellor by:
a)University staff through a member of the Executive
b)senior staff who report to the Vice-Chancellor
c)members of the University Council.
3Honorary Degrees will generally be awarded:
a)in the case of the Doctor of Laws, for distinguished public service
b)in the case of the Doctor of Science, for distinguished service in the scientific and technological community
c)in the case of the Doctor of Letters, for a distinguished contribution to a branch of learning or to the arts
d)in the case of the Doctor of the University, for distinguished service to the University, including but not limited to a significant contribution to the governance of the University or its standing in the community.
4Proposals for the awarding of Honorary Degrees should be made using the nomination form set out as Schedule A: Honorary Degree: Nomination Form and be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor.
5Where the Vice-Chancellor considers that a prima-facie case for the awarding of an Honorary Degree exists, a recommendation will be made to the Honorary Degrees Committee.
6The relevance of the person’s contribution (or potential contribution) to the objects and programs of the University or to the communities it serves will be among the matters taken into account by the Honorary Degrees Committee.
7On the advice of the Honorary Degrees Committee, the Vice-Chancellor may recommend to Council that conferral of the Honorary Degree be approved.

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