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Responsible Officer: Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Integrity)
Implementation Officer: Council Secretary

First approved by:
Council on 11 December 2008

Amendments approved by:
Council on 10 December 2009
(Responsible Officer amended from
Vice-President to Executive Director,
Office of the Vice-Chancellor);

Council on 9 June 2011
(responsibilities transferred from Executive Director,
Office of the Vice-Chancellor, to Director, Corporate
Governance, Risk and Compliance Services;
and Implementation Officer amended from Head,
University Governance Unit, to Director, Corporate
Governance, Risk and Compliance Services)

PVC (P&I) on 27 October 2014
(RO to PVC (P&I) + clause 3 & IO Council Secretary
also Director CGRCS to Head GU clause 4 & 5)

Reimbursement of Committee Members' Costs Procedure

This procedure was approved by Council on 11 December 2008 and incorporates all amendments to 27 October 2014.
This document is pursuant to the Appointment and Remuneration Guidelines for Victorian Government Statutory Bodies and Advisory Committees.
1Members of Council and its committees, the Academic Board and its committees, and the Vice-Chancellor’s advisory committees are eligible for reimbursement of some expenses incurred in the course of attending a meeting of the committee of which they are a member.
2External members are eligible for travel reimbursement:
  • at the approved University rate where travel is by private car
  • of the cost of a first class fare where travel is by public transport
  • of the cost of an economy class fare for air travel (requires prior approval).
3External members are eligible for reimbursement of other expenses, including child care, where the chairperson of the committee or body has given prior approval after consultation with the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Integrity).
4Staff members are eligible for reimbursement of:
  • travel and child care costs as specified in the staff Reimbursements Procedure
  • other expenses if their attendance at a meeting is outside normal working hours and prior approval has been given by the chairperson of the committee after consultation with the Head Governance Unit .
5Student members are eligible for:
  • travel reimbursement as in paragraph 2, from their home to the meeting venue, if they are unable to arrange to travel to a meeting with a staff member; prior approval of the Head Governance Unit must be given if travel expenses will exceed $300 per day
  • reimbursement of other expenses in accordance with Clause 3.
6Members will make a claim for reimbursement (accompanied by receipts), in accordance with the process specified by the secretary of the relevant committee.

Council website
Reimbursements procedure


The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Integrity) is responsible for the development, compliance monitoring and review of this procedure.


The Council Secretary is responsible for the promulgation and implementation of this procedure throughout the University.

Printed copies of this document may not be current. Please refer to The Guide for the most recent version.
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