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This policy governs teaching and learning in the University’s Higher Education award courses.

Responsible Officer: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Implementation Officer: Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellors

First approved by:
Academic Board on 14 May 2013

Amendments approved by:
Academic Board on 16 September 2014
(amendments effective for Trimester 1, 2015)

Amended on 12 August 2015
(Legislation document link change to Unisol website)

Teaching and Learning (Higher Education Courses) Policy

This policy was approved by Academic Board on 14 May 2013 and incorporates all amendments to 16 September 2014, which become effective for Trimester 1, 2015.
This document includes the following legislation and schedule:
Statute 02.2 The Academic Board
Statute 05.2 Academic Awards
Regulation 05.2(1) Academic Awards

Schedule A: Academic Staff Qualifications and Equivalence Guidelines

This policy governs teaching and learning in the University’s Higher Education award courses.


This policy applies to all Higher Education award courses offered by the University.


Higher education award course: a course that leads to a higher education award.

1The University provides teaching and learning environments that are designed to prepare graduates for engaged citizenship, careers and/or further study.
2The University’s courses, led and taught by educators with teaching expertise and discipline specific knowledge, have an integrated and inclusive curriculum with:
a)clearly articulated course learning outcomes, consistent with Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes, the Australian Qualifications Framework and professional standards where relevant, and clearly communicate standards of expected student performance
b)a focus on personal connections and interactions between learners and fellow students and educators so that located and cloud learning experiences are personal, engaging and relevant
c)learning experiences, including assessments, that enable students to create and share evidence of their learning achievements, with particular emphases on and preparedness for reflective practice, employability and life-long-learning.
3The University’s approach to a quality education aims for course enhancements based on evidence of what facilitates student achievement of learning outcomes. This evidence is informed by research and innovation and strengthening the evidence-base of learning and teaching, and includes constructive student feedback on teaching and assessment methods, course delivery modes and unit learning experiences.
4The University values and recognises the qualities of its educators, and supports its staff to develop the capabilities and experiences they need to offer premium cloud and located learning experiences, including assessment, based on evidence-based pedagogical principles.
5Faculties and Institutes engaged in teaching:
a)apply the Academic Staff Qualifications and Equivalence Guidelines in Schedule A to ensure that staff who have academic oversight of or teach in a course or unit are qualified for their roles in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework
b)maintain current records of staff qualifications or equivalent experience and supporting evidence in accordance with the Information and Records Management Policy.

Australian Qualification Framework
Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes
Evaluation of Teaching and Units Procedure
First Year at Deakin Policy
Higher Education Courses Policy
Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2011
Information and Records Management Policy

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