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Council - 11 December 2009
Amendment No.1 - Council - 9 June 2011
Amendment No.2 - Council - 7 August 2014

Regulation 02.2(1) - The Academic Board

This Regulation is made pursuant to Statute 2.2 - The Academic Board.
1.The Academic Board shall consist of:
(a)the Chair of the Academic Board;
(b)the Deputy Chair of the Academic Board;
(c)the Vice-Chancellor;
(d)the Deputy Vice-Chancellors;
(e)the Pro Vice-Chancellors;
(f)the University Librarian;
(g)the Director, Institute of Koorie Education;
(h)the President, Deakin University Student Association, or nominee;
(i)eight academic staff from each Faculty, elected by all academic staff from that Faculty, of whom a minimum of four must be Professors;
(i)Arts and Education together with the Alfred Deakin Research Institute;
(ii)Business and Law;
(iv)Science, Engineering and Built Environment together with the Institute of Frontier Materials.
(i)three Professors, elected by and from the professors within the University;
(j)two members of the general staff, elected by and from the general staff of the University;
(k)three student members enrolled in the University including:
(i)one member elected by and from the undergraduate students;
(ii)one member elected by and from postgraduate coursework students; and
(iii)one member elected by and from higher degree by research students.
2.The Academic Board shall:
(a)elect a Chair from the Professors of the University, and a Deputy Chair from the Professors and Associate Professors of the University. The terms of office of each of the Chair and Deputy Chair shall normally each be three years, and each officer shall normally serve no more than two consecutive three year terms;
(b)ensure that at any time, no person shall hold more than one membership on the Board, and where the newly elected Chair and/or Deputy Chair already hold elected membership positions on the Board, then these positions shall be declared vacant;
and may:
(c)from time to time, co-opt additional members;
(d)allow Professors, Heads of School and Associate Deans who are not members of the Academic Board, to attend meetings of the Board with rights of audience;
(e)by resolution constitute and appoint such committees as it thinks fit and shall determine the composition and terms of reference of its committees;
(f)by resolution delegate any of its powers, duties and functions to any committee of the Academic Board or to a Faculty Board, or to any member of the Academic Board, or to any officer of the University; except:
(i)the power to approve new policies and procedures or major revisions of existing operational policies or procedures of an academic nature; and
(ii)the power of delegation.
(g)regulate its own proceedings subject to the Act and the university statutes and university regulations; and
(h)review its performance annually against its terms of reference and established functions in accordance with a process set down by it.
3.The Chair of the Academic Board shall:
(a)be an official member of the Council;
(b)be an official member of each committee of the Academic Board;
(c)appoint a Chair and Deputy Chair of each committee of the Academic Board;
(d)establish ad hoc committees as and when necessary;
(e)determine the composition and terms of reference of its ad hoc committees;
(f)ensure that at least six meetings of the Academic Board are held each year; and
(g)present a complete report of the proceedings of the Academic Board to the next ordinary meeting of Council.
4.Meetings of the Academic Board may be called at the written or electronic request of:
(a)the Chair;
(b)the Vice-Chancellor; or
(c)any six members of the Academic Board.
5.The term of office of:
(a)an elected staff member of the Academic Board shall normally be two years and shall normally serve no more than two full terms of office consecutively; and
(b)an elected student member of the Academic Board shall normally be two years.
6.Each committee of the Academic Board:
(a)shall be chaired by an elected academic member of the Board appointed by the Chair of the Academic Board;
(b)shall report to the Academic Board on its activities at such times as the Academic Board directs. The reports shall include details of the implementation of policies and procedures relevant to the terms of reference of each committee; and
(c)may from time to time co-opt up to four additional members.
7.Every body or person to whom any duty or function has been delegated by the Academic Board pursuant to section 2(f) herein, shall report to the Academic Board as directed by the Academic Board.
8.Every delegation under section 2(f) shall be revocable by resolution of the Academic Board, and no such delegation shall prevent the exercise or discharge by the Academic Board of any of its duties or functions.
Approved by Council on 11 December 2008 and includes all amendments to 10 September 2014.

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