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Statute 06.1 - University Property, Facilities, Fees and Charges

1The Council may make, amend or revoke regulations prescribing or providing for:
(a)the use, control and superintendence of University property, premises, facilities and services;
(b)the administration and application of any and all property, whether real or personal, received by the University as a gift, grant, bequest or devise;
(c)the conditions of or for any payments, awards, grants, fellowships, scholarships, prizes or exhibitions which may be made, awarded or provided from any property to which section 1(b) applies;
(d)the payment of fees and charges, the manner in which fees and charges shall be collected, and for any action that may be taken in case of non-payment of any such fees and charges; or
(e)any other matter for which it is necessary or expendient to prescribe or provide for the purposes of this Statute.
2Regulations made under this Statute will come into effect when promulgated by being displayed on the University's official notice board.
Approved by Minister on 15 September 2008.

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