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Approved by Minister on 27 July 2009
Amendment No.1 - 6 August 2011

Statute 02.2 - The Academic Board

1The Academic Board is established pursuant to section 20 of the Deakin University Act 2009 ('the Act') as the principal academic authority within the University. It is responsible to the Council for maintaining the highest standards in teaching and research.
2The Academic Board shall consist of ex officio members and elected members so that members of the academic staff, general staff and students are represented. The Academic Board may also include members co-opted in accordance with the university regulation made pursuant to this Statute.
3The Council shall make university regulations for the composition of the Academic Board and for the election or appointment of its members other than ex officio members.
4In addition to the powers and duties conferred or imposed upon it by the Act, and subject to the university statutes and university regulations and to any resolution of Council, the Academic Board may:
(a)make recommendations to the Council on matters pertaining to teaching and learning;
(b)make recommendations to the Council on matters pertaining to research and research training;
(c)pursuant to the power delegated by the Council, approve operational policy of an academic
nature and monitor compliance with those policies and procedures;
(d)call for and consider recommendations and advice from the Faculty Boards;
(e)receive annual reports from the Faculty Boards;
(f)provide quality assurance in respect of the academic activities of the University including
admission to courses, content of courses, assessment and academic progress;
(g)make recommendations to the Council on the approval of courses;
(h)make recommendations to the Council on requirements for conferring or granting academic
awards by the University;
(i)perform such functions relating to the maintenance of discipline of the students of the
University as may be prescribed by the Act or any university statute or university regulation;
and shall:
(j)report to the Council on the implementation of policies and procedures to ensure the quality of
its academic affairs, including procedures to ensure the maintenance and monitoring of
academic standards in all University programs; and
(k)generally exercise such other powers prescribed in the university statutes and university
regulations or given to it by the Council.
5The Council may make, amend or revoke university regulations prescribing or providing for any matter for which it is necessary or expedient to prescribe or provide for the purposes of this Statute.
6University regulations made under this Statute will come into effect when promulgated by being displayed on the University's official notice board.
Approved by the Minister for Skills and Workforce Participation on 27 July 2009 and including all amendments to 6 August 2011.

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