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Responsible Officer: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Implementation Officer: University Librarian

First approved by:
Vice-Chancellor on 5 September 2008

Amendments approved by:
Vice-Chancellor on 15 June 2009
(Responsible Officer changed from Vice-President
to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic ));

PVC (P&I) on 27 October 2014
(RO to DVC (E));

Amended on 12 August 2015
(Legislation document link change to Unisol website)

Library Conditions of Use Procedure

This procedure was approved by the Vice-Chancellor on 5 September 2008 and incorporates all amendments to 27 October 2014.
This document is pursuant to the Library Policy and includes the following legislation:
Regulation 4.1(1) General Misconduct

Library Facilities: the accommodation, furniture, equipment, computers and network infrastructure provided by the Library.

Library Material: as defined in Library Policy.

Library User: any person who accesses the Library Facilities or uses Library Materials.

1Library Users with borrowing privileges must comply with the terms of borrowing Library Material as outlined on the Library website.
2The University Librarian will determine the term of loans and the number of items that may be borrowed and this is specified on the Library website.
3The University Librarian may impose penalties for overdue, damaged or lost Library Material as specified on the Library website.
Copyright and Licensing
4Library Users must comply with copyright legislative requirements and must not copy, print, scan, download or record Library Material in any manner that infringes the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (for further information see the Deakin University Copyright Guidelines and Requirements).
5Library Users with access to licensed resources must comply with licence requirements governing the use of electronic information resources, using these resources only for personal, educational or research purposes, and must not use them for commercial purposes. Licence restrictions are displayed for each resource under ‘Licensing & Resource Info’ in the Library catalogue on the Library website.
6The University Librarian may impose penalties for any breach of copyright or licensing in accordance with the relevant legislation or University policy or procedure.
7Library Users must not engage in behaviour likely to interfere with the comfort or convenience of other persons within the Library, or likely to damage Library Facilities. The University Librarian may in appropriate circumstances initiate disciplinary action in accordance with the relevant procedure. If a breach constitutes an offence under Regulation 4.1(1) General Misconduct, the provisions of that Regulation will apply.

Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)
Copyright Procedure
Deakin University Copyright Guidelines and Requirements
Deakin University Library website
Library Policy
Staff Discipline Policy


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) is responsible for the development, compliance monitoring and review of this procedure.


The University Librarian is responsible for the promulgation and implementation of this policy throughout the University.

Printed copies of this document may not be current. Please refer to The Guide for the most recent version.
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