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To establish and authorise financial delegations for the University.

Responsible Officer: Chief Financial Officer
Implementation Officer: Director Corporate Finance

First approved by:
Council on 4 October 2012

Amendments approved by:
Council on 6 June 2013;

CFO on 14 May 2014
(add e) f) g) toTable A);

CFO on 24 July
($100,000 delegation) to include these positions:
Director, ICT Service Delivery
Director, ICT Infrastructure Services);

CFO on 12 May 2015
(minor amendment to Table D -
add wording 'or Departments');

CFO on 14 May 2015
(minor amendment to Table B -
add wording 'Heads of Departments');

CFO on 18 May 2015
(minor amendment to Table C -
add last row to table);

Acting CFO on 25 June 2015
(amendments: add 'Internal forms' to Def.
+ 2 new clauses 15 & 19);

Acting CFO on 26 June 2015
(amend Executive Director, FSD to Director, Corporate Finance
in clauses 11 (it occurs twice here), 12 and 24 only)

Director CF on 5 November 2015
(insert another clause (4) after the current clause 3)

CFO on 5 November 2015
(minor amendment - additional row to Table C)

Director CF on 10 November 2015
(amendment to wording in new additional row - Table C)

Financial Delegations Policy

This policy was approved by Council on 4 October 2012 and incorporates all amendments to 5 November 2015.

To establish and authorise financial delegations for the University.


This applies throughout the University.


Authorised officer: Staff of the University appointed by the Chief Financial Officer to approve payment.

Financial delegate: Staff of the University authorised by Council or the Chief Financial Officer to enter into a financial commitment.

Financial commitment: a transaction that results in a cash outflow or in-kind outflow of University resources. It does not extend to an authorisation to enter into contracts on behalf of the University (see Contracts Policy).

Expenditure limit: excludes GST and applies to a cost per item, except where several connected items comprise a total acquisition or purchase.

Internal forms: Internal forms include but are not limited to the following forms – Financial Delegations (Appointments) Form, Payment Voucher, Petty Cash Voucher, Credit Card Request Form, Internal Transfer, Internal Transfer: Enrolment Fees, MasterCard Preloaded Cards Order Form, etc.

1Council authorises the financial delegations set out in this policy.
2The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is authorised to appoint financial delegates with expenditure limits of up to $500,000. On the recommendation of the CFO, the Vice-Chancellor is authorised to appoint financial delegates with expenditure limits of between $500,000 and $2,000,000.
3All appointments of financial delegates by the CFO or the Vice-Chancellor must be undertaken using the Financial Delegations (Appointments) form.
4A financial delegation can only be proposed by a financial delegate from the same budget centre(s) holding a delegation at a higher level to that being proposed.
5If a financial delegate with an expenditure limit of $100,000 or more is appointed under paragraph 2, the CFO must amend Table A accordingly, and notify Council of changes annually.
General expenditure
Table A: Financial delegations for general expenditure*
Financial Delegate
Delegation level
Expenditure Limit ($)
Chief Financial Officer
Vice-President (Enterprise)
Members of the Executive
Executive Directors
Directors of Institutes
Heads of Schools
Faculty General Managers
Pro-Vice Chancellors
Director Deakin Research Commercial
Director- Operations and Services (Deakin Research)
University Librarian
Heads and Directors of Units
Deputy Vice Presidents – reporting to
an Executive member VP
University Solicitor
Deputy Faculty General Managers
Director, ICT Service Delivery
Director, ICT Infrastructure Services
*see Table C for exceptions
6The CFO is authorised to appoint financial delegates according to the positions and expenditure limits listed at Table B below, via the head of their organisational area. Changes to these limits are at the discretion of the CFO, with any increases based on a sound case provided by the person requesting the increased limit.
Table B: Discretionary financial delegates
Delegation level
Expenditure Limit ($)
General Staff (generally HEW 9 and above)
Associate Deans
Academic Staff (generally level C and above)
Directors of Strategic Research Centres
Heads of Departments
Budget Centre Managers (generally HEW 8 and above)
Administration/Finance Officers (generally HEW 5 and above)
Exceptions for certain types of expenditure
7Specific expenditure limits are set for certain types of expenditure as listed in Table C. These limits are exceptions and differ from the general financial delegation for a particular financial delegate as set out at Tables A and B above.
Table C: Exceptions
Expenditure Type
Financial Delegate
Expenditure Limit ($)
Capital expenditure and unbudgeted operational expenditure*Vice-Chancellor
Chief Financial Officer
Vice-President Enterprise)
Approval of payroll expenditureExecutive Director, Human Resources Division
Authorisation of payroll transactions
International travelVice-Chancellor
Members of the Executive Other delegates appointed in writing by the Vice- Chancellor
As per limits in Table A
Debt write-offs (except debts for student fees)Vice-Chancellor
greater than 100,000
Chief Financial Officer
less than 100,000
Refund, waive and write-off student fees and charges (except for University car parking)Members of the Executive
greater than 100,000
Executive Director, Student Administration
Other delegates as appointed in writing by the Executive Director, Student Administration
less than 100,000
Parking infringement finesSet by the Victorian State Government, pursuant to the Road Safety Rules 2009
Donations to external bodiesVice-Chancellor
As per limits in Table A
Internal transfers / journalsThe originating and the receiving Faculty Finance Manager or Portfolio Finance Manager
No limit
Ordering of purchased or leased equipment under the End User Computing
scheme (EUC)
End User Computing (EUC) ApproverLimit of $6,000 per item based on the purchase value
*Unbudgeted capital and operational expenditure can only be approved in accordance with Table C if this doesn’t impact the latest approved forecast funding surplus by more than 5%.
Credit cards
8The financial delegates listed at Table D have the authority to issue credit cards using the Credit Card Request form.
9If a staff member has had a corporate credit card withdrawn or cancelled in the past they may only be issued with a new corporate credit card with the approval of a person with a delegation level of GE4 (Table A) or higher.
10Financial delegates cannot issue credit cards and set credit card limits for themselves. Their line manager must do so.
11Only financial delegates can approve credit card expenditure.
12Limits for credit cards are set at $10,000 and transaction limits are set at $5,000. Increases to the credit card or transaction limits can be submitted for approval by the Director, Corporate Finance through the Credit Card Request form.
Transaction limits can be set at a lower limit by the approving delegate or at the suggestion of the Director, Corporate Finance if appropriate for staff members’ roles. For clarity, this clause is replicated in the Credit Card Use Policy.
13The Director, Corporate Finance must present a report to the CFO quarterly that identifies any new credit cards issued, and all card limits and all transaction limits.
14If a staff member is issued with a credit card and does not have a financial delegation, they are authorised to enter into financial commitments up to the level of the credit card transaction limit. All such expenditure must be approved by the relevant line manager with the appropriate financial delegation prior to entering into the transaction or at the time of approving the credit card for payment.
Table D: Issuing credit cards
Financial Delegate
Issue credit cards Vice-Chancellor
Members of the Executive
Executive Directors of Divisions
Directors of Institutes
Heads of Schools or Departments
Faculty General Managers
General Managers - Finance
The University Librarian
Heads and Directors of Units
Refer to the Credit Card Use Policy for specific information to do with the use of University Credit Cards, including the approval of a cash advance facility thereon.
Table E: Financial delegations for investment transactions
Financial Delegate
Invest directly in cash and fixed interest investmentsChief Financial Officer
Requirements for expenditure and refund approvals
15Prior to providing authorisation, the financial delegate will ensure that the expenditure:
    1. is solely for University purposes
    2. does not exceed the approved budget allocation
    3. does not exceed the limit authorised under their delegated authority.
16All refunds paid to a party that is external to the University (i.e. supplier, funding body, student etc) must be approved in accordance with the required Financial Delegation as set out under this Policy.
17By authorising expenditure, financial delegates assume responsibility for the transaction. In case of policy breaches, the financial delegate might be subject to internal disciplinary proceedings and/or, if appropriate, criminal proceedings.
18Unless specified in this policy, a financial delegate cannot delegate their delegation. Any delegations must be recorded in writing and a copy of this record must be provided to the CFO.
19Appropriate records of authorisations must be maintained in line with the Information and Records Management Policy.
Supporting documentation to internal forms
20The supporting documentation that accompanies an internal form, may be in the form of original documents, copies of original documents or scanned copies of original documents in an acceptable format (which is TIFF, PDF, PDA, JPEG and JPEG2000 only).
Payment approvals
21Council authorises the CFO to appoint authorised officers for effecting payment via electronic funds transfer or cheque.
22A list of authorised officers must be kept by the CFO.
Fees, charges and penalties
Table F: Financial delegations for fees, charges and fines
Financial Delegate
(a) fees and charges levied on higher education studentsVice-Chancellor
(b) fees and charges for University car parkingVice-President (Enterprise)
(c) fines and penalties for misuse of library resourcesUniversity Librarian
(d) fines and penalties for other functions not covered above.Members of the Executive
Determine fees for goods and services of any kind:
(a) managed by, or provided by, the University LibrarianUniversity Librarian
(b) all othersMembers of the Executive
Gifts, bequests and sponsorships
Table G: Financial delegations for accepting gifts, bequests and sponsorships
Financial Delegate
Accept a gift, bequest or sponsorship:
(a) unlimitedVice-Chancellor
(b) up to $2,000,000Vice-President (Advancement)
(c) up to $500,000Director, External Relations
Table H: Financial delegations for accepting grants
Financial Delegate
Accept National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants:
(a) above $10,000,000 Council
(b) up to $10,000,000Vice-Chancellor
up to $2,000,000Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Accept Australian Research Council (ARC) grants:
(c) above $10,000,000 Council
(d) up to $10,000,000Vice-Chancellor
(e) up to $2,000,000Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Accept Commonwealth Competitive Grant grants:
(a) above $10,000,000 Council
(b) up to $10,000,000Vice-Chancellor
(c) up to $2,000,000Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Accept all other grants:
(a) above $5,000,000Council
(b) up to $5,000,000Vice-Chancellor
(c) up to $2,000,000Member of the Executive
23A financial delegate may not accept a grant without ensuring the project can accommodate any shortfall between the amount of the grant and the total cost of the project.
Conflict of Interest
24A financial delegate who has a conflict of interest must comply with the Code of Conduct and the associated policy suite prior to exercising their financial delegation.
25The Director, Corporate Finance will regularly assess the risk(s) associated with each level of delegation and implement controls appropriate to the identified risk(s).
26The Vice-Chancellor and the CFO are authorised to revoke a financial delegation at any time.
Changes to positions and roles, including acting and interim roles
27Staff appointed to acting or interim roles are authorised to assume the financial delegations of the position, subject to the completion of an Acting Financial Delegations Request online form by the financial delegate. Staff in these acting or interim roles cannot approve transactions created by them while in their lower (substantive) position.
28A financial delegation to a position set out in this policy is, if the position is abolished, restructured or renamed, to be taken to be a reference to the principal successor to the functions of that position.
29Any breaches of the University's policies by a staff member or student will be investigated and might lead to internal disciplinary proceedings and/or, if appropriate, criminal proceedings.

Acting Financial Delegations Request online form
Code of Conduct
Credit Card Request form
Credit Card Use Policy
Contracts Policy
Deakin University Act 2009 (Vic)
Financial Delegations (Appointments) form
Financial Management Act 1994 (Vic)
Information and Records Management Policy
Investment Policy
Procurement Policy
Travel Procedure

Printed copies of this document may not be current. Please refer to The Guide for the most recent version.
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